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The ‘Yellowjackets’ Season Finale Gave Us Answers And More Mysteries, And People Have So Many Thoughts

(Plenty of Yellowjackets spoilers will be found below.)

Yellowjackets plans to roll out for a full five seasons, so naturally, we shouldn’t have expected a cut-and-dried season finale. Nope, and as any good season finale should do, this one left plenty of loose ends about the show that everyone has been talking about since (and let’s get real here) the void left by the Succession finale.

(These are both quality shows that you should watch, if you haven’t already.)

Well, people will be talking about this finale for awhile since it presented several new questions (for the future), including but not limited to the following: (1) Is Jackie really dead? (2) Are any of the “dead” Yellowjackets (including Laura Lee, who recently took off in an airplane that promptly exploded) really dead? (3) Who’s the dude that welcomed Jackie into the room of “dead” Yellowjackets? (4) What’s going on with this cult that pounded down the door of adult Natalie while she attempted to kill herself?

Lots of stuff like that. At least we (probably) learned the identity of the Antler Queen:

Yellowjackets Antler Queen

This wasn’t explicitly stated, of course (because fans are the ones running with the “Antler Queen” label), but it sure as heck seems like Lottie’s the One with some strong visual foreshadowing happening throughout the season, including in the “Doomcoming” episode, along with premonitions and so on. What this final scene means, and whether this snowbound devotional act — with Vanessa and Misty kneeling in the background — has anything to do with the cult that snatched Natalie, and the blackmailing, and Taissa’s shrine, well, we surely don’t know yet. The supernatural vibes kept ratcheting up all season (the writers and producers wisely made things progressively weirder rather than hit us all at once with the spooks), and the audience is now left with a better grasp on how things gradually turned more savage in the woods.

For now, though, everyone’s bowing to the (probable, kind-of predictable) Antler Queen and the “who the fuck is Lottie Matthews?” question.

Yellowjackets will return at some point! Thank goodness.