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Yup, ‘Succession’ Star Sarah Snook Seemed To Love The ‘Family Guy’ Joke About Her

Sarah Snook, unlike seemingly everyone else, was not watching the Euphoria finale on Sunday. She was too busy winning Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards with the rest of her Succession co-stars (Tiny Wu-Tang should have accepted on their behalf) and being featured in a joke on Family Guy.

In last night’s episode, “The Lois Quagmire,” Lois warns Peter that if he orders pizza instead of eating the healthy dinner she made him and the kids, “there will be consequences, mom’s out of town consequences, which according to the movies are the worst kind.” Peter is not pleased, so to get back at Lois, he tweets “mean stuff at celebrities who look vaguely like you.” His first stop: Snook’s Twitter. “Hey idiot, your father is stringing you along. You’re never getting the company,” Peter writes, followed a few seconds later by Kendall Roy liking the tweet. Good tweet.

“Here are three things that happened today. I think the middle pic says it all. That’s my actual face. (Gosh I wish I could’ve been there! So proud and bravo to all!),” the Shiv actress wrote on Instagram, along with, in order, her reaction to the Succession win, a selfie where she has a cookie face (?) over her face, and the Family Guy joke.