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Jon Stewart Calls Out Politicians Who Want To Scale Down Veterans’ Healthcare Bill: ‘F*ck That’

With the pandemic winding down, Jon Stewart is once again taking the fight for veterans’ healthcare directly to Congress. Flanked by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and a gathering of veterans and their families, Stewart called out Republican Congressman Mike Bost for reportedly planning to water down the Honoring Our PACT Act. Stewart has long championed the bill that will finally make veterans who have been exposed to “burn pits” eligible for VA benefits. According to Stewart, Bost would limit those benefits, and the late-night comedian was not having it.

Via Deadline:

“They are going to go on the floor tomorrow and there is going to be an amendment. And that amendment from ranking member Bost is going to say, ‘Hey, all these veteran service organizations and all these active military members have come together with Chairman Takano and Speaker Pelosi and the president of the United States, and they have designed a bill that will comprehensively address the urgent need in the veterans community. And ranking member Bost’s amendment is going to say, ‘Damn, that is good work, so why don’t we just switch that out, for five more years of healthcare. we good? … F— that. Not happening. They get what they deserve — comprehensive bill that addresses the urgent need in their community.”

Following Stewart’s remarks, a spokesman for Bost released the following statement: “Ranking Member Bost completely disagrees with Mr. Stewart’s false characterization of his efforts but appreciates, and shares, his passion for the men and women who have served.”

The Honoring Our PACT Act will be debated on Wednesday before going to the floor for a vote on Thursday. However, Stewart warned about the next obstacle: The Senate.

“They are excellent at killing things that are necessary, and we cannot allow it to happen,” Stewart said on the Capitol steps. “You cannot allow this feeling of unity and hope and finally being seen to dissipate.”

(Via Deadline)