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Kanye West Changes Lawyers The Day Before His Divorce Hearing

Throughout Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s contentious divorce proceedings, Kanye has maintained that he does not want to split from his wife, cycling through a number of attorneys and strategies ahead of the court hearing that would declare the couple legally separated. Yesterday, just a day before that hearing, Kanye changed lawyers again according to Billboard, firing Chris Melcher and replacing him with Samantha Spector, who represented Dr. Dre’s ex-wife Michelle Young in their recent divorce.

The hearing today will focus on arguments from the two legal teams about whether to officially end Kanye and Kim’s marriage with assets and custody matters to be sorted in a future hearing. Kardashian requested the arrangement, hoping that accelerating their legal split could finally impress upon Kanye that their marriage is over so that they could focus on hashing out the custody of their four children. The couple already had a prenuptial agreement that kept their assets separate, although Kanye tried to argue that the agreement was invalid, hoping to exploit a loophole and delay their divorce.

However, through it all, Kim has maintained that she has no desire to reconcile with Kanye, who has lashed out at her new beau, Pete Davidson, in his music and on social media. It’s not clear what effect he thinks changing lawyers at the eleventh hour will have on the outcome, but come this afternoon, he could very well be single again.