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A Soccer Team In Detroit Is Offering Up Free Tickets To Tigers Opening Day And Season Ticket Holders

The owners within Major League Baseball and commissioner Rob Manfred took their most drastic step yet in their never-ending quest to get everyone to hate baseball earlier this week, as the league opted to cancel the first two series of the 2022 season because the players would not accept their deal to end the sport’s ongoing labor dispute. While it is unclear if the rest of the schedule will be impacted, teams will now play “likely 156” games “at most,” per ESPN.

The fact of the matter is that a bunch of folks who paid money for tickets to go watch baseball at the start of the season now have tickets to things that are not going to happen, which stinks. Fortunately for folks in Detroit who paid to go watch the Tigers, this cloud is getting a bit of a silver lining thanks to Detroit City FC, a soccer team in the second level of the United States soccer pyramid.

In a move designed to give Tigers fans a chance to experience sports despite opening day being canceled, the club announced that anyone with baseball tickets can turn them into free soccer tickets.

“A sports town is only as strong as its traditions, and opening day is the biggest tradition in Detroit sports,” DCFC co-owner Alex Wright said in a statement. “This year, families and friends are missing out, yet we are powerless to do anything about it. In response, DCFC offers a new tradition: make one of our home matches your Opening Day this spring. All fans have to do is show they have baseball season tickets or home opener tickets, and we will show them the most electrifying and affordable sporting event in town is still open for business. Memories shouldn’t have to wait for baseball to sort itself out.”

Detroit City FC’s home opener is on March 19.