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Laura Ingraham Seems Very Upset About Russian Oligarchs Having Their Yachts And Chalets Seized, For Some Reason

Laura Ingraham is very upset about the current situation going on with Ukraine/Russia. Now, before you nod your head in agreement that you, too, are distraught at the war Vladimir Putin has inflicted on Ukraine—and feel ashamed for agreeing with Ingraham on anything—understand that thing she is so enraged about isn’t the needless death of innocent civilians because an unhinged dictator is pining for the days of the USSR. No, she’s annoyed about the poor Russian oligarchs who are having their super-yachts, Swiss ski villas, and other one-percenter playthings seized.

On Thursday night, the Fox News host—oblivious to things that actually matter—threw a fit about the rationale behind freezing the over-the-top assets of the Russian oligarchs who are very much to blame for the current Russia Ukraine War.

“Even if we could expeditiously freeze every oligarch’s luxury assets, would that really stop the suffering of the Ukrainian people that’s happening right now? Do we think Putin’s going to wake up and say… ‘You know that chalet in Gstaad was so important to me. I think I’ll call Zelenskyy and send the troops home.’ No.

More importantly, we have to ask: Is there a possibility that this could all backfire and make things even worse for Ukraine? Is anyone in the Biden administration even gaming any of this out? You wonder. So let’s be real. As satisfying as it may be to see these 400-foot luxury liners padlocked, chasing down oligarchs is like swatting away mosquitoes when a cobra is about to strike your leg.”

Did we mention that Ingraham’s rant includes her using a RUSSIAN ACCENT?

And before you think “Let the rich tyrants keep their super-yachts!” was Ingraham’s worst take of the night, as a side note: She also made time to call the whole operation one big staged event… just like the COVID crisis.

“These moves are about as effective as cloth masks on a cross-country flight,” Ingraham said, cluelessly. “Now we just got finished with COVID response theater and now they’re starting up with Ukraine Response Theater.”

You can watch part of the clip above.

(Via @Acyn)