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All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

It’s automatically a great week in pop when a random collaboration between Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa drops at midnight on a Thursday just in time for the weekend. It helps when Mothica unleashes another eccentric song that blends pop and nu-metal with “Sensitive,” and Chloe Moriondo releases a new single, “Sammy,” with the announcement of a forthcoming EP out next month.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa — “Sweetest Pie”

Let’s cut to the chase with this song, which dominated the conversation of pop last week despite being released at the last possible moment. Provocative music video aside, the track is as infectious and seductive as Doja Cat and SZA’s “Kiss Me More,” and will probably also serve as a perfect summer anthem.

Corook — “Idk God”

Corinne Savage, the face behind the project Corook, often performed “Idk God” on tour before releasing it this week and would notice the connection it created between her and her fans. Through admitting that there are many questions she can’t know the answers to (“I don’t know why / Dogs only live a fraction of your life / And the basement gets scarier at night”), she becomes vulnerable and trustworthy, conjuring up an atmosphere of comfort.

Lexi Jayde — “Hate To Be You”

19-year-old Lexi Jayde is well-versed in makes songs about the intensity of youth, especially when it comes to teenage relationships. “Hate To Be You,” which reacts to being cheated on, proves that Jayde is wise beyond her years with her empowering, unbothered attitude and her awareness of her own value: “I’d hate to be / So f*cking stupid / So selfish so clueless / To have me and lose it.”

Chloe Moriondo — “Sammy”

Any music video that features a dog in a tutu is one that deserves attention. Chloe Moriondo has generously shared with the world a wholesome love song for her dog Sammy, and it’s packed with cute lines: “All bark and no bite / Make up when we fight / When you’re with me you’ll be all right / I’m with you your whole dog life.”

Orville Peck — “Kalahari Down”

Shoegaze cowboy Orville Peck released the second chapter of his album Bronco this week, and shed his shogaze skin to embrace his country roots. “Kalahari Down” is a journey through the Wild West following a character who’s not only lost physically but also mentally: “What do I know? A buncha sorrow / Promises of a desperado.” As usual, it contains Peck’s weird but intriguing mix of humor and sadness: “Yippee ki yi yay / I’m always down.”

Rachel Chinouriri — “All I Ever Asked”

Despite having frustrated, conflicted lyrics like, “Just a little more time, was it really that hard to do? / It was all I ever asked of you,” this track by singer-songwriter Rachel Chinouriri is catchy because of its coolness. It chirps and flows in a nonchalant manner, adorned with a swaying beat that sounds perfect underneath Chinouriri’s soaring soprano.

Mothica — “Sensitive”

Mothica, who often dons intricate makeup, dyed hair, clunky jewelry, lots of tattoos, and a detached facial expression, is open about her fears on this metallic new single “Sensitive,” admitting: “I’m scared of heights, strangers at night / And socially I’m terrified.” She moves confidently in the music video; her vocals are certain and spellbinding. So when she reveals her sensitivity, it’s a reminder to not judge a book by its cover.

Finneas — “Flume”

While releasing songs with Billie Eilish for a fake Disney boyband, Finneas has also been unveiling Spotify singles. “Flume” follows “Medieval,” and it’s a cover of the Bon Iver track off his 2007 classic For Emma, Forever Ago. Finneas’ rendition is emotional as his voice vibrates with a haunted feeling; it’s stripped down with only his vocals and piano, but the empty space is necessary and powerful.

Ravenna Golden — “Big Knife”

Ravenna Golden showed up to the fistfight with a big knife, and she’s waving it around in this horror movie-esque music video. The song explodes with autotune and synths; it’s unsurprisingly produced by Dylan Brady from 100 Gecs and Umru who’s produced music for Charli XCX and Dorian Electra. In the age of post-Internet maximalist pop and emo rap like 100 Gecs and Bladee, Golden shows promise.

Ethel Cain — “Everytime”

Speaking of emo rap, Ethel Cain, who collaborated with Soundcloud kings Lil Aaron and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on her debut EP last year, has returned with a Spotify Single, her first material so far this year. Fittingly, it’s a Britney Spears cover, but Cain renders it unrecognizable and imbues it with her signature eerie, slow-motion sound, making it her own.

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