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Jake Paul Puts Up $60 Million For Kanye West And Pete Davidson To Box It Out

While Kanye West continues his feud with Pete Davidson over the love of Kim Kardashian (at least, in his own mind), one of their fellow celebrities has stepped forward to offer an unconventional solution to their dispute. Actually, it might just be the oldest one there is: Fight it out. Jake Paul, who started his career as a YouTube personality before becoming a surprisingly good professional boxer, proposed a six-round boxing match between the two men and even staked $60 million of his own money to bring them to the negotiating table — $30 million for each.

“I have an official offer for Kanye West and Pete Davidson,” he said in a video posted to Instagram. “I have $30 million for each of you, guaranteed, plus pay-per-view upside for a six-round boxing match. Let’s make it happen; let’s settle this beef like men before the children get affected by your antics. Let’s get it done; make it happen.”

Say what you want about his suggestion (to be real, a pair of grown men should be able to settle their differences without violence) but at least it gets to the point. So far, all the two have done is trade taunts via text and Instagram, with Kanye releasing two videos for “Eazy,” his collaboration with The Game, in which Pete gets beaten up by Kanye or his associates (which he threatens to do in the song’s lyrics, as well). While Pete reportedly found both videos “hysterical,” it seems the object of both men’s affections, Kim Kardashian, is as fed up as any of the rest of us with their shenanigans. If they did take Paul’s offer, there’d be the entertainment value of a sporting event if nothing else — plus, they could make some money for their troubles.