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Self-Proclaimed ‘Film Snob’ Jared Leto Credits Marvel Movies For Saving Theaters Over The Last Two Years

With Morbius set to hit theaters next month after a record-breaking number of delays, Jared Leto is the focus of a new cover profile where he pontificates on the current state of the film industry. While the notoriously Method actor fancies himself “a bit of a snob when it comes to film,” he has no problem crediting Marvel with keeping theaters alive during the brunt of the pandemic. Although, he does have concerns about how that situation has pushed out smaller films.

“If it wasn’t for Marvel films, I don’t even know if theaters would exist,” Leto told Variety. “It doesn’t seem like there’s room for everyone, and that starts to become a little heartbreaking.” However, despite the prevalence of superhero films, Leto once again repeated his point that they’re buoying the industry. “I also have gratitude for these movies because they’re keeping cinema alive.”

Interestingly, Morbius — which, technically, is part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and not the Marvel Cinematic Universe (subject to change without notice) — will be Leto’s third theatrical release in these uncertain pandemic times. In early 2021, he starred in The Little Things with Denzel Washington followed by Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci in the fall.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a couple of movies in a row that are supporting cinema,” Leto told Variety while reminiscing about his childhood love for theaters that culminated in him working at the local multiplex. However, like a scene from a Jared Leto movie, he was ultimately fired for “selling dope out the back door.” Yup, that’ll happen.

(Via Variety)