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Charles Barkley Did A College Basketball ‘Who He Play For?’ Spin-Off Called ‘How Do You Pronounce That?’

Turner’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament borrows heavily from its flagship NBA program, Inside the NBA. Ernie Johnson serves as the host, while Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith join him behind the desk. While they swap out Shaquille O’Neal for Clark Kellogg, the lightheartedness that has become such a staple for the show does not suffer one bit.

During the first round of the 2022 Tournament on Thursday, the team decided to borrow from one of its most popular games, “Who He Play For?” Of course, an exact replica of the game — in which Barkley is given the names of rotation guys in the NBA who moved during the offseason — would be extremely, extremely difficult. So instead, the game was called “How Do You Pronounce That?” The concept is pretty self-explanatory, let us dive in.

Plenty of terrific moments in this, like when Chuck immediately knocked Jaime Jacquez out of the park and got cheered by the entire desk or basically everything that happened from the moment Ernie held up the sign for Tennessee guard Santiago Vescovi. Anyway, the Tournament is gonna be going on for the next few weeks and there’s a ton of time that needs to be filled, particularly during the first weekend, so hopefully we get some more NCAA versions of Inside bits.