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Pete Davidson Branded Kim Kardashian’s Name On His Body (And That Wasn’t His First Tattoo For Her)

“It’s so cute, guys.”

“It’s adorable.”

That’s how Kim Kardashian and Ellen DeGeneres discussed how “very hittable” Pete Davidson went and put Kim’s name all over his body (including a brand), when he only started publicly referring to her as his girlfriend in February. No one can ever excuse him of not jumping into the deep end with both feet, right? (He can always cover them up later, like he did with Ariana Grande in what seems like a lifetime ago.)

Kim was on hand for the final lap of The Ellen Show to promote The Kardashians, which premieres April 14 on Hulu. The trailer already goes straight-up mobster after showing a flash of Kanye, and Kim hasn’t made any new friends while recently telling women to “get your f*cking ass up and work,” but she was in a fine mood when Ellen introduced the subject of Pete referencing her within his ongoing body collage. And this is a three-time thing, at least.

“A little more than that,” Kim revealed. “The branding is my name. ‘The other ones are cutesy things. I think my favorite one, it says: ‘My girl is a lawyer.’ And that one’s really cute.”

While discussing the branding (which, yep, was done with a full-on iron brand), Kim explained, “He wanted to do something that was really different because okay, first tattoo he got, I was like, ‘Thank you, oh my god.’ Second, I was like, ‘So cute,’ but that’s what tattoo people do, right? They get tattoos of what’s going on in their life.’”

Ellen then quipped, “Well, you are a brand, when you think about it.” Her talk show, meanwhile, will air its final episode on May 26. Expect to see Michelle Obama and David Letterman before all is said and done, probably without any tattoo talk.