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Stephen Curry Suffered A Foot Injury After Marcus Smart Rolled Up On His Leg Diving For A Loose Ball

The Golden State Warriors entered Wednesday night feeling as good as they have all year, coming off a big win in the first game in over two years that featured all three of their stars, as Draymond Green returned from his back injury to join Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry on the court.

However, that excitement over having all three healthy unfortunately turned to concern regarding Curry, who left Wednesday’s tilt with the Celtics in the second quarter with a foot injury and would not return. The injury occurred late in the quarter when Marcus Smart dove for a loose ball and went into Curry’s leg, rolling up his left foot and ankle — Smart would get called for a flagrant on the other end of the court for his flailing kick of Klay Thompson.

Curry would check out and go to the locker room and not return, and Steve Kerr was incensed, yelling at Smart for what he felt was a purposefully dangerous play.

Kerr would continue to talk to Smart during some free throws, although more calmly but still questioning the intent of Smart, who clearly was saying he was simply diving for a loose ball.

It is an unfortunate situation for the Warriors and Curry, as they obviously are concerned about their superstar missing any extended time with the playoffs coming up and the team somewhat desperate to get some time on the court together to rebuild their chemistry as a unit. Both fan bases will see this play differently, with Warriors fans seeing it as Smart diving into Curry’s leg while Celtics fans will point out he’s simply going for a loose ball and gets on the floor first.

It is a play right on the edge, which is where Smart so often lives, and no matter what he says it doesn’t seem he’s going to make Kerr feel any better about his intent on the play.