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Jimmy Kimmel Is Worried About Putin And His ‘Frozen’ Face Now That Botox Isn’t Available In Russia

After news broke that US drugmaker AbbVie would “temporarily suspend operations for all aesthetic products” including Botox in Russia, many were left wondering how Vladimir Putin would get his signature waxy look. Late-night comedians, of course, took this as an opportunity to poke fun at the Russian leader, including Jimmy Kimmel, who had a field day imagining what Putin would look like without his botox on his talk show.

“Even pharmaceutical companies have stopped shipping non-essential drugs to Russia – including Abbvie, the company that makes Botox,” the comedian said. “Which is interesting, because Vladimir Putin is widely rumored to use Botox. Without it, the fear is that he may wither and turn into this,” Kimmel said before showing an animation of Putin’s skin deflating into nothingness, looking a bit like Emperor Palpatine without the cape.

Kimmel continued to blast the Russian leader, showing recent photos of Putin, who tends to have a look that is very unrealistic for his age. “While we don’t know for sure that Putin takes Botox shots, this photograph indicates that he absolutely, one hundred percent does. Look at that face! Smooth as a baby’s gruel, isn’t it? Like a Real Housewife of Saint Petersburg.”

“What a weird time for Russians,” Kimmel added, “Their assets are frozen, but their foreheads are not.” Check out the clip above.