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Tucker Carlson Lost His Entire Mind After A GOP Congressman Accused Him Of Spouting Russian Propaganda

Despite the Kremlin literally ordering Russian state TV to air Tucker Carlson clips, the Fox News host lost it this week after Congressman Michael McCaul, a Republican from deep in the heart of Texas, accused Carlson of being an “organ of Russian misinformation.” Carlson has pushed several anti-Ukraine talking points on his show, including the recent Putin talking point that the country is sitting on “bioweapons.” However, during his Thursday night broadcast, Carlson lashed out at McCaul and accused the GOP representative of “slander.”

Via Raw Story:

He complained about being viewed as a “disloyal American” who is “doing the bidding of a foreign power.”

“That is not fine. That is slander,” Carlson said, implying that the accusation is false.

“We don’t care what the Russian government does,” Carlson claimed and went on to pronounce “Russian disinformation” in a high-pitched voice.

Never one to miss out on a good conspiracy theory, Carlson began accusing Republicans of secretly being in cahoots with Joe Biden because they… both want to stop the Russian invasion without starting a nuclear war? Wild stuff.

“So you have to ask yourself, why are so many Republicans suddenly talking like Joe Biden?” Carlson asked his viewers. “And the answer is, because the big questions, the questions that matter, they agree with each other and you should know that.”

Just to put a point on how blatant Carlson’s pro-Putin rants have been, even Newsmax “strongly criticized” the Fox News host for supporting the Russian invasion. We’re talking about an extremely right-wing network that went big on Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” and even they’re saying, “Whoa, Tucker, easy fella.” That should say something.

(Via Raw Story)