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The ‘Fox And Friends’ Gang Is Aghast At How Biden Allowed The Easter Bunny To ‘Control’ Him: ‘How Embarrassing’

The far-right seems particularly riled up about Easter’s aftermath this year. First up, Lauren Boebert went in hard without reading her scripture and earned a Bible-school lesson, and Rudy Giuliani had a total (and typical) melt down. Ex-President Trump fired off a degrading message to his perceived enemies, and Don Jr, uh, celebrated armed furries or something.

Over on Fox and Friends, they’re still cleaning up the mess. Rather, they’re spilling the mop water all over the place. That’s especially the case for Brian Kilmeade, who is just so very mad that a White House staff member (dressed as the Easter Bunny) interrupted Biden at an event about business that needed attention. Kilmeade cannot believe that Biden allowed the Easter Bunny to take control, for real:

“At least finish the sentence and say ‘Okay, this is a fun day, I’ll catch up to you guys later…. turns around like a robot and just pushes away. Who’s in control here? My goodness… How embarrassing is that?”

The Fox News chyron — “Easter Bunny stops Biden from answering questions” — also tells the tale. What a strange narrative to weave. Lis Power of Media Matters For America tweeted this clip.

According to Mediaite, Kilmeade wasn’t done yet. He cited this as an example of “why Saudi Arabia’s version of SNL is mocking him as a doddering old man being led by the vice president.” Yup, “Bunnygate” is truly upon us.

(Via Mediaite)