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Strand Of Oaks Joins The Cast Of ‘Mayans M.C.’ For His First Acting Gig

Strand Of Oaks (aka Timothy Showalter) is best known for the stretch of well-received albums he has put out since 2009. Now, though, he’s trying something new, as he just revealed he has dipped his toe into acting in a big way: He joined the cast of the TV series Mayans M.C., which premiered on FX in 2018 and takes place in the Sons Of Anarchy universe.

Sharing a photo of himself excitedly holding up his costume, he wrote on today, “HUGE LIFE NEWS! I’M ON A TV SHOW!!! It’s been one the greatest honors of my life joining the cast of [Mayans M.C.] – I play Hoosier a member of Sons of Anarchy. The entire cast and crew has welcomed me in like family. My endless thanks to Elgin James for giving me a chance and mentoring me these past few months and [JD Pardo] for being one of most kind and inspiring humans I’ve ever met and [Greg Vrotsos] for becoming a true brother and friend. Season 4 premiered on @fxnetworks last night and is now steaming on @hulu – I love you all and thank you for sharing this journey with me. Forever yours – tim.”

On Twitter, he added, “Can’t tell you how many people over the years have jokingly asked if I was in sons of anarchy. Well….I guess they were right.”

Fans may have noticed Showalter’s debut appearance in the series’ Season 4 premiere, which aired last night. Those who haven’t yet can check out the episode on Hulu now.