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Lauren Boebert Took Time Out Of Her Busy Day To Express Support For A Twitter User Named ‘@Catturd2’

Rootin’ tootin Lauren Boebert’s so excited about freedom that she apparently doesn’t see the absurdity of how she’s engaging with users on Twitter. That’s normal for her, even more so than how she bashed student loan forgiveness, but she’s been extremely thrilled with Elon Musk’s latest saga, which involves him plunking down more money than most people can dream of to buy Twitter.

Boebert’s all about “free speech,” like most GOP-ers who don’t believe that you should “say gay” in school. No, that contradiction doesn’t make much sense, and just think, Boebert might soon have an edit button if all goes as Elon plans. Notably, he hasn’t responded to any of her many recent tweets that tag him, but she’s thrilled about “taking back what is ours.” That’s a confusing sentiment, too, and it doesn’t even begin to touch how Boebert is now tweeting at a user by the handle of “@catturd2.”

“.@catturd2 we need you to get better quickly!” Boebert exclaimed. “We are pulling for you. You’ve got to be here in full force for the free speech era of Twitter!”

Yup, this is a member of Congress on one end of the tweeting. And if you were blissfully unaware of who “@Catturd2” is, well, I couldn’t tell you why there’s a 2 on the end of the handle. However, this is apparently a right-wing podcaster who co-hosts a series called “In The Litter Box.” And former Trump Strike Force attorney Jenna Ellis, naturally, has appeared as a guest on the show. Yes, the internet is a very strange place. Always has been, and always will be.