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‘SIFU’ Might Be More Beatable Now With The Addition Of Difficulty Levels

SIFU is one of the most challenging games to release this year. It, largely by design, wants the player to fail so eventually they can move forward better at the game. The problem is that this made the game a little too challenging for some people and completely unplayable for others.

On Tuesday, the creators of SIFU, Sloclap, announced a roadmap for content updates that fans can expect to see from SIFU in the upcoming year. First on the agenda: Finally do what many have been asking since the beginning and adding a difficulty mode to make the game a little more approachable. Maybe now those of us who were unable to get past the early portions of the game can actually make a dent into it this time.

SIFU is a really fun game when everything in it comes together. Those moments where combos flow and enemies fall beneath your feet make the player feel like they’re taking part in an action movie just as the developers of the game wanted. Unfortunately, those moments were few and far between with how challenging and frustrating the game felt. This is a great opportunity for fans of action games to experience SIFU with less headaches and more progress.