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An Old Olivia Wilde Interview (That Narrowly Avoided Going Off The Rails) Is Receiving Renewed Attention Amid The Process Server Fiasco

Olivia Wilde received much more than she bargained for while appearing at CinemaCon to introduce the trailer for Don’t Worry Darling, in which Florence Pugh and Harry Styles get hot and bothered. While Olivia was onstage, a process server stepped up with custody papers from Jason Sudeikis. That’s enough to throw anyone off, but Olivia kept going “without missing a beat,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sudeikis swiftly expressed displeasure for how this went down, and THR relayed that he had “had no prior knowledge of the time or place that the envelope would have been delivered.”

All of this is incredibly dramatic and awkward, which led IGN’s Jim Vejvoda to recount another awkward situation involving “being in the same room with” Olivia.

Thus began a Twitter thread, in which Vejvoda recounted how he had headed up to a Montana junket for Cowboys & Aliens (2011). He then detailed how the event filmed stars (including Wilde but also Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and director Jon Favreau) in a field with cows wandering around in the background. When it came time for Olivia to speak, unbeknownst to her, a couple of cows were getting it on in the background. The interview nearly got scrapped, but it lived to tell the tale, sort of. The term “cow-pulation” adds a nice touch.

Years later, Olivia referred to Vejvoda as the “two cows f*cking guy!”

You can watch the interview at IGN and be distracted by the cows (I must have missed the cow action, FWIW) while you’re supposed to be working. The Internet can be wild sometimes. Well, a lot of times, actually.

(Via Jim Vejvoda)