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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Who Didn’t Seem So Truthful During Her Court Testimony, Has Been Formally Accused Of Lying Under Oath

When Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared in court recently to determine whether or not she would be barred from re-election, she kicked things off with what appeared to be a lie. Then she may have told another. Now she may pay the consequences.

As per Bloomberg, a group of lawyers who are seeking to bar the Georgia representative from running for office again formally accused her of lying. In a filing filed on Friday, the group pointed out that Greene claimed to have no memory of whether or not she told former president Donald Trump to invoke Martial Law before his single term came to an end.

Shortly thereafter, The New York Times released a treasure trove of texts between former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and other high-profile Republicans. Among them (including several with Sean Hannity and Rick Perry) were some from Greene, in which she [drum roll] brought up the idea of invoking, as she put it, “Marshall Law.”

Granted, one could argue Greene chose her words carefully, neither confirming nor denying the texts, falling back on the more wishy-washy claim that she couldn’t remember. Her own attorney said as much. But in the filing, the lawyers are calling bull.

“This text with President Trump’s chief of staff makes her testimony even more incredible because it seems like the kind of message with the kind of recipient that a reasonable person testifying truthfully would remember,” the filing read.

In her court appearance, Greene also claimed that she did not wish for Congress to not certify the election for its rightful winner, Joe Biden. People were not buying that one either. Since then, Greene has moved on to greener pastures: accusing the Catholic Church of being run by Satan.

(Via Bloomberg)