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No, Jared Leto Wasn’t Responsible For The Met Gala 2022’s Weirdest Get-Up, Though Plenty Thought He Was (It’s Actually Fashionista Fredrik Robertsson)

Jared Let’s a bit of a weird one. There’s his notorious on-set antics, including the revelation that on Morbius he got so into his character, who suffers from chronic pain, that he took ages just to go to the bathroom. He’s even one-upped everyone at the Met Gala in 2019 by showing up with a replica of his own head. But alas, and despite what the annual fashion event’s own social media account claimed, he was not behind what was surely the night’s most bizarre outfit.

That would be Fredrick Robertsson, a Swedish fashionista and LGBTQIA+ activist who caught Vogue’s eye in some over-the-top get-up a few years back at another such event. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual show in New York City, Robertsson showed up as…an alien? Or an acid trip version of a porcupine? Some sort of unlivable avant-garde building? Whatever it was, Robertsson was clad in some kind of silver bodysuit with big spikes…or something.

The Gala’s social media account misidentified Robertsson as the most accurately Italian-accented cast member in House of Gucci. For what it’s worth, in heavy make-up, Robertsson does sort of, kind of look like the Oscar-winning actor. But it wasn’t, as many pointed out.

The screw-up prompted a fair amount of jokes.

And there were plenty of guffaws from people who really did think it was Jared Leto.

The upside to this mix-up? Fredrik Robertsson, not a household name, got even more attention than he would have had people simply noticed his eye-catching attire. And now the masses may learn his name.