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Biden Staffers Are Reportedly Hoping Elon Musk Lets ‘Crazy’ Trump Back On Twitter So That He’ll Turn Off Voters

Ever since the news dropped that Elon Musk was planning to buy Twitter in the name of free speech, all of the formerly banned Donald Trump cronies and co-conspirators have been making their triumphant return to the platform… before being summarily re-banned (see: Mike Lindell and Roger Stone). While Trump himself has claimed that he will not be returning to Twitter—what with his own TRUTH Social existing, and even sometimes working—President Joe Biden’s staffers are reportedly hoping that promise, like so many other statements that have come out of Trump’s mouth, is a lie.

While CNBC recently reported that the Biden Team is really hoping Trump’s permanent Twitter ban will, in fact, remain permanent, the Washington Examiner is claiming otherwise. They’re getting this information from Jonathan Lemire, Politico’s White House bureau chief, who was a guest on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday, where he claimed that one “thing White House officials are cheering for—a number of them told me this over the weekend—[is] that if Elon Musk indeed takes Twitter, they hope the first thing he does is put Donald Trump back on it.”

Given the bonkers former president’s equally bonkers followers, why is that something they would want? To remind the world of just how unhinged he is, of course.

As Daniel Chaitin wrote:

Biden insiders believe Trump, who had more than 80 million followers on Twitter, would go back to posting inflammatory content, scaring voters away from Republicans at a time when the president is suffering from low poll numbers and the GOP is poised to retake control of the House and quite possibly the Senate, according to Lemire.

“They think that if Trump starts tweeting again, it will just simply remind these voters of the crazy that came from his time in office, particularly around Jan. 6. He’ll amplify these fringe messages. He’ll amplify these fringe right-wing candidates, and that can only be good for Democrats, they think,” Lemire reported.

You can watch Lemire’s Morning Joe conversation below:

(Via The Washington Examiner)