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Martha Stewart Is Getting Not One But Three New Roku Shows, For All Of Your Homemaking Needs

After ordering a handful of dating shows last month, Roku is now working on a collection of cooking and lifestyle shows. Who knows what will be next! Perhaps a Roku stunt show?

The streaming service announced the first show, titled Martha Cooks, to be hosted by the iconic businesswoman Martha Stewart as she goes through a hundred of her favorite recipes right from her kitchen. Next up is Martha Holidays, which will feature Stewart’s holiday traditions. The third show is Martha Garden (do you see the trend here?) with tips and tricks from Stewart’s legendary garden.

“I am so excited to bring new and engaging content and beloved episodes created by me and my team from throughout the years to the Roku audience,” Stewart said in a statement. Though she seems more excited about Pete Davidson.

Following Stewart will be the legendary chef Emeril Lagasse and his two shows: Emeril Cooks and Emeril Tailgates. Who is in charge of naming content over at Roku? The shows will highlight Lagasse’s dishes and techniques made famous in his hugely popular restaurants.

Last but not least, Christopher Kimball will also have two new shows: Milk Street’s Cooking School with recipes from around the world, and Milk Street’s My Family Recipe, which will feature Kimball and his family recreating cherished family recipes.

So, overall, if you need some help with cooking, or just need something to leave on in the background besides the Roku city backdrop, you’re in luck.