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‘The Daily Show’ Social Media Team Had A Great Response To The SCOTUS’ Roe V. Wade News

On Monday night, Politico got a hold of a leaked draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito indicating that the Supreme Court is getting ready to overrule the momentous Roe v. Wade decision that gave women the legal right to safe abortions nationwide.

While the immediate reaction was, understandably, one of outrage. Opinions were written and spoken, and old speeches, tweets, and other quotes promising to never let such a thing happen—most notably from then-candidate, now-president Joe Biden:

The Daily Show, however, took a slightly lighter and more honest approach to the news and, in less than 20 words, perfectly skewered the hypocrisy of a group of nine people—most of whom have penises, two of them accused of sexual improprieties, and one of those two married to a woman who texted with Donald Trump’s chief of staff about overturning the 2020 presidential election—making the most private of health care decisions on behalf of nearly 170 million women across America.

While not everyone initially got the point the tweet was making, those who did appreciated the subtle slam on the Right to Privacy.

It should be noted again that the abortion ruling still isn’t official, but most experts expect is will be soon. Buckle up.

(Via The Daily Show)