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Watch Jose Altuve Hit A Foul Ball Directly Into His Junk

Outside of cricket, I’m not sure there’s a sport that puts the groin region in more danger more often than baseball. It is a constant hazard of the job, as balls get thrown and hit in your general direction, always capable of taking a weird hop right into the your nuts.

This season, we’ve already collected a pickoff throw to the beans on our bingo card this year, courtesy of poor Alcides Escobar, and on Wednesday, Jose Altuve offered up a likewise extremely rare foul tip that went directly into his nuts — not even taking a bounce off the dirt to slow it down.

Usually if there’s a foul tip, it’s the catcher or the umpire who are in the most danger, but Altuve swinging at a pitch well off the plate inside brought himself into the danger zone and of all the places that ball could go after contact, it goes square into the junk. Altuve would take some time to walk it off and try to settle himself, and managed to get a single on a 3-2 count, scoring later in the inning on an Alex Bregman sacrifice fly — although I’d go so far as to say the man that made the greatest sacrifice this inning was Altuve.