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Don Jr. Actually Met With The Jan. 6 Committee And, Unlike His Brother Eric Once Did, Reportedly Didn’t Plead The Fifth Once

Though Donald Trump has done his best to keep his close associates far from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, his best hasn’t been good enough. Perhaps because when folks like Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows were hit with contempt of Congress charges after they ignored subpoenas, a slew of the former president’s staff and cronies have played ball, sometimes willingly. Recently perhaps his favorite kid sat down with them. Now so has his oldest and most loyal son.

As per CNN, Don Jr., who has found a new lease in middle age as a cheerleader and weird hotel vlogger for his father, met with the committee on Tuesday, two sources say. The chat is reported to have lasted some three hours. What’s more, and despite being closely aligned with the attempt to keep his dad in the gig he wound up losing, he answered every question and never pled the 5th amendment, unlike his brother Eric, who set a potential Guinness record for invoking it when once questioned about the Trump organization.

Though the three older Trump kids are deeply loyal and connected to their father, it might not go the other way. Though Donald Sr. once referred to his very grown offspring as “children,” at least one of his former associates claims he would absolutely throw any of them under the bus if it meant saving his hide. But maybe the Trump “children” are wise enough to save themselves from whatever bleak fate may be in store for daddy.

(Via CNN)