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Britney Spears Gets Naked For A Photoshoot With Her Dog

Between dispatches about her family and other goings-on, Britney Spears will sometimes use her Instagram to share some spicy photos. Well, she did more of that yesterday, bringing her dog Sawyer in on the fun by posing with him.

In the pictures, Spears, posing sideways for the camera, holds the dog to cover the front of her body while a diamond emoji is tasked with obscuring some of her butt. She capped off the gallery with a stock image of a dog, captioned, “If you love someone, set them free. If you hate someone, set them free. Basically set everyone free and get a dog. People are stupid.”

Spears first posted about Sawyer in February, introducing him by writing, “Geez …. can you have two loves of your lives because he comes in second !!!! I’m introducing the new edition to my family … his name is Sawyer and he’s a white Australian shepherd with blue eyes !!!!! I found him in Maui like a dream and took him home with me immediately. It’s funny … he doesn’t talk back but it’s like he understands what I’m saying !!!! I can talk to him for 30 min about potty training and rewarding him when he goes potty on the pad !!!! I think he understands me especially with those eyes … he makes my heart melt … he needs me and I like that !!!!!”

This comes a few weeks after Spears’ major announcement that her fur-baby will in a few months be joined by an actual human baby because she’s pregnant.