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Dave Chappelle And Chris Rock Exchanged Jokes About Their Onstage Attacks During A Secret Comedy Show

Two days after he was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl, Dave Chappelle joined Chris Rock for a surprise secret comedy show on Thursday night. The two comedians took the stage at the Belly Room in The Comedy Store where Kim Kardashian and Diddy were reportedly in the audience. Chappelle and Rock have been repeatedly linked over the past 48 hours thanks to both men having now experienced onstage assaults, and despite Rock’s reluctance to talk about his experience, he couldn’t resist delivering a brutal jab at Will Smith during the secret show.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“At least you got smacked by someone of repute!” Chappelle joked to Rock. “I got smacked by a homeless guy with leaves in his hair.”

Rock laughed and responded, “I got smacked by the softest n—- that ever rapped.”

Rock remained onstage for the entirety of the performance, which also included Chappelle getting candid about the attack. The comedian said his son ran up and hugged him after the attack who told Chappelle, “I love you, dad.” He also described not being able to calm down until he saw, oddly enough, Jamie Foxx wearing a sheriff’s hat. While there have been reports that the attacker, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, was allegedly beaten down backstage after rushing Chappelle, the comedian revealed that he actually went and met with Lee after the incident.

“I needed to talk to him,” Chappelle told the crowd. According to the comedian, he could tell right away that Lee “appeared to be mentally ill,” and he claimed the purpose of the attack was to draw attention to his grandmother being forced out of her apartment because of gentrification.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)