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Elon Musk Did Not Ask Sky Ferreira Out, Actually

The day after the Met Gala, rumors broke out that Elon Musk asked Sky Ferreira out. This originated on a parody account of Pop Crave called @pop_crawe, which made a viral tweet that read, “It girl, model, singer, songwriter, Sky Ferreira declines date with Elon Musk after being asked by his team at the 2022’s Met Gala.” It quickly got picked up by some publications as a legitimate story.

Musk took to Twitter today to debunk this gossip, writing, “I didn’t ask anyone out or request particular seating,” and adding, “This rumor originated from a parody account, but got picked up by real media & twitter trends (sigh).” There you have it.

People likely were quick to believe this rumor probably because of Musk’s notorious relationship with alt-pop star Grimes, whose music is very much in the same realm as Ferreira’s. Grimes was considered an indie star for a while, so upon forming a relationship with a billionaire people couldn’t help speculating about the way she makes and releases music. On TikTok, she responded to a fan who asked why she was on a label: ““Need to get out of the gate-keeping of indie music and I need $ for music videos etc haha contrary to popular belief my bf doesn’t fund my career,” the “Oblivion” singer wrote.