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Ted Cruz Has Randomly Decided That One Of Sonia Sotomayor’s Law Clerks Leaked The Draft Opinion, Because Why Not

Ted Cruz isn’t a man who’d let a little thing like factual evidence or the truth stand in the way of a good story. Hell, even Tucker Carlson has called him out for being a liar. But “facts” and “evidence” don’t seem to mean a whole lot to the Texas senator, as he proved (yet again) in the latest episode of Verdict, the podcast he co-hosts with Michael Knowles.

As Mediaite reports, Cruz and Knowles got to talking about the situation surrounding the rather unprecedented Supreme Court opinion draft leak, and who the leaker might be. The way Cruz sees it, none of the Justices themselves would be capable of committing this “grotesque violation of trust,” nor could he imagine that it would be anyone on Samuel Alito’s team. (Why not? Who knows! It’s Ted Cruz. He just says things!)

Cruz, ever the clever sleuth that he is, told Knowles that his gut was telling him that it was “very, very likely a law clerk” that leaked Alito’s opinion. And that it’s “very, very likely a law clerk for one of the three liberal justices,” which narrowed Cruz’s potential pool of suspects down to just a dozen people. Rather than just leave it at that, however, he kept going:

“It is likely to be someone who is a hard partisan, and who is willing to burn the place down because he or she was so upset about what happened. If I were to guess, the most likely justice for whom the law clerk is clerking is Sonia Sotomayor.”

Ummmm… ok.

When pressed for why he’d say Sotomayor, Cruz explained it’s “because she’s the most partisan of the justices. So she’s the most likely to hire wild-eyed partisans as clerks.” As for any evidence for making such a public accusation, Cruz of course had zero.

“I’m just making an inference,” Cruz said. Others might call it an “accusation.”

(Via Mediaite)