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A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stunt Performer Is Suing HBO For An Injury Sustained During The Battle Of Winterfell Filming

Despite ending in 2019, Game Of Thrones continues to cause uproar amongst fans and haters alike, though this time the series is in some legal trouble.

According to Variety, a stunt performer from the final season of the hit show is suing Fire & Blood Productions (owned by HBO) after an injury she sustained on set. Casey Michaels sustained a “serious fracture dislocation to her left ankle” while shooting scenes for The Battle Of Winterfell.

The documents, which were filed in January 2021, claim that the 28 stunt performers, who were dressed as a Wight (basically a zombie) were directed to walk off a roof “as if unaware of the drop, in keeping with the zombie-like nature of the Wights.”At the bottom of the drop were cardboard boxes and mats, which were not strong enough for all of the performers.

According to the claim: “the cardboard boxes are not durable and become damaged as each stunt performer lands on the box rig and also as each stunt performer climbs off of the box rig after landing.” Michaels was the last performer to step off the roof, landing feet first while wearing an armor of protective gear. Michaels has had several surgeries on her foot since the incident, requiring a plate and screws to be inserted and undergoing intensive therapy.

Fire & Blood productions, however, claims that the rig was “durable” and says Michaels did not “walk off the roof” as instructed. They added that the injury was “caused either by the Claimant’s failure to execute the pleaded stunt properly and/or with the skill and care of a reasonably competent stunt performer or by pure accident.” If the parties don’t settle, the case is expected to be heard before a judge next year.