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Seth Meyers Has Declared Rudy Giuliani ‘The Weirdest Man In The History Of Politics’

Regardless of political affiliation, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that Rudy Giuliani is a very odd man. But Seth Meyers has now thrown down the gauntlet and declared the former New York City mayor “the weirdest man in the history of politics” and, well, you’d probably have a difficult time finding anyone to dispute the claim, too.

On Monday night, Meyers reported on Rudy’s most recent shenanigans, which surprisingly involved neither a bottle of scotch nor Giuliani just “tucking his shirt in.” No, in this case Giuliani reneged on an already scheduled appearance to be interviewed by the January 6th committee about the Capitol insurrection. According to one report, a spokesperson for the panel said that Giuliani is now refusing to sit down with the panel unless he can record the interview himself, which has Meyers utterly confused.

Why does he want to record the interview? Is he worried they’re going to cut it together to make it sound bad? That’s what his brain already does to his mouth.

Why do guys like Rudy always have some weird angle, like, thinking they’re a genius chess master calling their bluff by asking to record the meeting. But any time Rudy has ever been recorded it’s always been bad for him. He was recorded calling a senator on the day of the insurrection to get him to overturn the results. He was recorded butt-dialing a reporter and talking about he needs cash as part of some mysterious plan, and he was recorded by a world-renowned investigative reporter, better known as Borat.

Rudy records himself saying incriminating things all the time. Before he talks to anyone, he should pat himself down to make sure he’s not wearing a wire.

Giuliani went on Steve Bannon’s podcast to discuss his decision to pull out of his interview. When Bannon asked whether Rudy was afraid that the committee might doctor a tape of him being questioned, the former right-hand man to Donald Trump just laughed. “You’ve got a bunch of people on that committee who tried to frame a sitting President of the United States, and I’m going to trust them?,” Giuliani asked. “Do I look like a fool?”

While the latter question was meant rhetorically, Meyers had a definitive answer for it anyway: Yes, you most definitely do. To further entice Giuliani that cooperating with the January 6 panel would be in the former mayor’s best interest, Meyers reminded him that they “don’t have jumpsuits in your size, because that’s not a size.”

Seth Meyers on Rudy Giuliani

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