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Sarah Silverman Finds It Awfully ‘Odd’ That People Expect More From Comedians Than Elected Officials

Sarah Silverman stopped by The View on Wednesday morning where she discussed both the infamous Oscars slap as well as the pending Supreme Court ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade. To kick things off, the outspoken comedian was asked if she’s terrified about performing on stage after both Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were attacked in the past month. Silverman said she’s not worried at all and doesn’t see the attacks becoming commonplace. However, she did find it strange that people were heavily scrutinizing the two events.

“I do think that people have higher expectations of their comedians than their representatives, and it’s very odd, you know?” Silverman said.

Later, Silverman fielded a question on abortion rights, and she had a lot to say about the topic. When the comedian was asked by Sunny Hostin why she said after the leak was revealed that she “can and can’t believe this is happening,” Silverman explained her thought process.

“You know, they’ve been chipping away, bit by bit, quietly state by state at women’s rights and… it’s a war against the poor,” Silverman said. “Women of means will always be able to have abortions. Dangerous abortions will take place. It’s just bizarre that the same people that want government out of our lives want it in our uteruses.”

Silverman was asked by Joy Behar if she thinks this will motivate women to vote in November, the comedian admitted to having the same hope. “In all of the trembling from waking up that morning, you go, ‘I wonder if this will help us in the midterms…’ But I don’t know,’ Silverman said. “It’s pretty far out. It’s dystopian. The progress to devolution ratio going on in our lifetime is pretty wild.”

(Via The Recount on Twitter, The View on Twitter)