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Sessa’s ‘Canção Da Cura’ Is A Gorgeous And Passionate Brazilian Tune

You can translate the words to Brazilian music from Portuguese to English, but it might never have the same context. That’s because there’s an inherent poetry and passion in the way Brazilians express themselves — especially in matters of love — that are best felt, whether you understand the language or not. Sessa operates in this unique margin, with beautiful lyricism and music that harkens back to the when Brazilian bossanova music swept the world over beginning in the late 1950s.

Now as Sessa (one of our Artists to Watch this month) prepares to release his second album, Estrela Acesa, on June 24th, his latest tunes are just as gorgeous as his first wave of songs. On “Cancão Da Cura,” a deliberately picked acoustic guitar nestles alongside Brazilian percussion as Sessa is backed by an expansive arrangement of female singers as they sing “Ao som dos tambores, eu vou devorar voçe” (“While the drums play, I will devour you” — see what I mean?)

“This is a breakup song, a song about the impossibility of love, framed in the context of an invented ritual for healing the bruised bodies of lovers ‘spoiled by the whims of love,’ as Carlos Drummond de Andrade, one of the most important Brazilian poets, would put it,” Sessa says in a statement. “On an exploded meaning level, it also captures some of the main themes in the album: songs of healing, making music, combining sounds as a way to make sense of emotions, of being alive.”

For anyone who’s ever been affected by Brazil or Brazilian music, this is a must hear tune. And for those who haven’t, enjoy this ride.

Listen to “Canção da Cura” above and check out the album artwork and tracklist for Estrela Acesa below.

Sessa Estrela Acesa
album artwork

1. “Gostar do Mundo”
2. “Canção da Cura”
3. “Sereia Sentimental”
4. “Música”
5. “Helena”
6. “Pele da Esfera”
7. “Dor Fodida”
8. “Irmão de Nuvem”
9. “Que Lado Você Dorme?”
10. “Ponta de Faca”
11. “Você é a Música”
12. “Estrela Acesa”

Estrela Acesa comes out on 06/24 via Mexican Summer. Pre-order it here.