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Seth Meyers Cannot Wrap His Head Around Trump Asking If China Might Have A ‘Hurricane Gun’

On Monday night, Seth Meyers officially declared Rudy Giuliani “The Weirdest Man in the History of Politics.” On Wednesday night, the Late Night host came pretty close to bestowing the title of “The Dumbest Man in the History of Politics” on Donald Trump, which is saying a lot considering the competition. (Hey there, Madison Cawthorn!) But as Meyers explained, Trump’s idiocy knows no bounds:

Every time you think you heard the dumbest thing Donald Trump said or did as president, he somehow finds a way to shock you. I didn’t even know I still had the capacity to be shocked by Trump… [Yet] I was still shocked yesterday when Rolling Stone reported that Trump kept asking his advisors if China was shooting us with a ‘hurricane gun.’

According to Rolling Stone, near the beginning of Trump’s time in office, he had a pressing question for his national security aides and administration officials: Does China have the secret technology—a weapon, even—to create large, man-made hurricanes and then launch them at the United States? And if so, would this constitute an act of war by a foreign power and could the U.S. retaliate militarily?

Can someone say “itchy finger”? (Which might be only a slightly better band name than “hurricane gun.”)

Clearly, Trump was spoiling for a fight from the get-go, as Rolling Stone reported that he asked about this several times—a fact that was corroborated by two military officials and a third individual who was briefed on the whole hurricane gun thing.

“And this was at the beginning of his presidency,” Meyers reminded viewers. “And somehow his presidency still had a middle and an end. Can you imagine if you went to Starbucks and ordered and the barista said, ‘Uh-huh. Now, what exactly is coffee?’ And then you went back four years later and that barista was the manager?!”

“Also, Trump is so f**king crazy that he doesn’t just ask, ‘Does China have a hurricane gun?,’He’s got a bunch of follow-ups assuming the answer is going to be yes! How does he even get to the follow-ups?!”

The answer to that question might be too painful to even think about—especially as the former president continues to tease a possible run in 2024—but that didn’t stop Meyers from playing it out, and somehow imagining Trump asking these questions as if he was wearing a smoking jacket and making deductions Sherlock Holmes-style (you’ll just have to watch that for yourself).

You can watch the full clip above.