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Charles Barkley Spent Game 1 Of Warriors-Mavericks Talking Gobs Of Trash To Warriors Fans

The Golden State Warriors took Game 1 of the 2022 Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night, 112-87. Throughout the evening, the Inside the NBA guys were posted up outside of the Chase Center in San Francisco, which meant that Charles Barkley and Warriors fans felt the need to openly antagonize one another for several hours.

Barkley said earlier in the week that he does not like San Francisco, going as far as to call the city “hell,” so it’s not a surprise that there was some tension between the NBA Hall of Fame inductee and the Warriors faithful. At one point, the fans got on Barkley so much that he felt the need to really lay out that he wanted them to leave him alone in a NSFW way.

It would have been easy after the Warriors won for Barkley to take his foot off the gas and ease up on his dislike of the city, but Barkley is among media’s most adept haters, so as the fans chanted “Barkley sucks,” he could not help but respond.

And after the game, the city got some reinforcements when Draymond Green made his way out on set and sat at the desk it’s presumed he’ll join upon the end of his NBA career. Barkley decided to talk a little more trash about the area, at which point Green told him that his feelings about San Francisco are reciprocated by the city.

The banter will assuredly continue on Friday night when the Warriors host the Mavericks in Game 2.