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‘Succession’ Actor James Cromwell Wrote A Washington Post Op-Ed To Explain Why He Superglued His Hand To A Starbucks Counter

James Cromwell is really mad at Starbucks! The actor made waves earlier this month for literally super-gluing his hand to a Starbucks counter during the morning rush at a midtown Manhattan location, which is notoriously the scariest place to be on any given weekday. Now, the Succession actor is explaining his motives. Though, they were pretty clear at the time.

Cromwell wrote an essay for The Washington Post explaining that the “greedy” Starbucks execs are over-charging for vegan milk, which allegedly only costs them “pennies” but costs consumers up to 80 cents per drink. Starbucks cranks out 4 million drinks a day.

“Former CEO Kevin Johnson acknowledged that dairy products are Starbucks’s largest source of carbon dioxide emissions and that switching to plant milk is ‘a big part of the solution.’” The actor wrote. “Yet despite knowing that cow’s milk is responsible for three times the emissions of plant milks, the corporation still slaps an undue fee of up to 80 cents on eco-friendly choices.”

Cromwell added a slew of stats and facts to back up his claims, finishing off the essay with a vague threat: “So Starbucks, put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, I might have to put my hand where your counter is — again. End the vegan upcharge.”

Two things can be true: you can be right, and also you can be wrong for super-gluing your hands to the counter of a place where people are just trying to work and get through the day. See how much easier it is to just use your words?