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John Mulaney Is Being Torched For Surprising Showgoers With A Dave Chappelle Opener (And Therefore, Of Course, Trans Jokes)

John Mulaney has never been an “edgy” comic, and by that we mean he doesn’t tell jokes that deliberately piss people off. The closest he comes to that is in a recently released clip, in which he tells people who believe all stand-ups are damaged people to “f*ck off with that s*it.” In other words, he’s no Dave Chappelle, who seems to have rebranded himself as a performer who makes lots and lots and lots of trans jokes. Perhaps that’s why people were taken aback when a show did on Friday featured a surprise appearance from the guy who pissed off a legion of Netflix staffers.

As per Variety, Mulaney was in at Ohio State University in Columbus. Fans expecting another leg of his “From Scratch” tour found themselves ambushed by Chappelle, who proceeded what he now does best: make jokes about an already marginalized group of people whose lives are being being made even worse by GOP politicians.

Audience members were forced to lock their phones before the show, so no video or even audio exists of Chappelle’s comments. But sure as God made little green apples, he reportedly dropped some more of his anti-trans gags. When Chappelle’s set was over, Mulaney came out and gave him a big hug.

Though Chappelle’s jokes reportedly got laughs, it left others present fuming on social media once they got their phones back, slamming both Chappelle and Mulaney for inviting him.

It also prompted other performers to promise they wouldn’t pull a Mulaney on their ticketholders.

Chappelle so loves going after people who are already targeted by states like Florida that, after he was attacked on stage earlier this month, he made sure to slip one of them in, too.

(Via Variety)