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Even Luka Doncic Was Impressed By Andrew Wiggins Poster Of Him: ‘I Wish I Had Those Bunnies’

Stephen Curry scored 31 points and dished out 11 assists in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals to lead the Warriors to a 3-0 stranglehold on the series against the Mavericks, but the talk of the NBA world afterwards was not about the future Hall of Famer but instead Andrew Wiggins, who continues to impress this series, playing as arguably the Warriors second best player.

Wiggins had 27 points and 11 rebounds in Game 3, including six on the offensive glass as he led the way for another big night of second chance opportunities for Golden State, who are just outworking the small-ball Mavs on the offensive boards through three games. His defensive effort as the primary defender for Luka Doncic has been noted, making it at least hard work for Doncic to put up a 40-point night, but he’s really shined offensively as the most consistent secondary scorer to Curry, as Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson have been a bit streaky in this series.

On Sunday night, Wiggins put forth his best game and punctuated it with one of the best dunks of the season when he threw down the hammer on Luka Doncic — who fell to the floor to accentuate Wiggins off arm hitting him slightly on his way by.

That initially drew a foul, but Steve Kerr wisely challenged it and won, reinstating Wiggins dunk and kindly giving us an excuse to watch it over and over again on the broadcast. It was an exclamation point in the fourth quarter, albeit not the dagger as that belonged to Jordan Poole in the final minute after the Mavs cut the lead to five, and after the game even Doncic had to give Wiggins his props.

Doncic notes that he did get hit, trying to dodge the flopping allegations, but notes it was an incredible dunk and, like all of us, notes that “I wish I had those bunnies.” We all do, Luka. We all do.