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Madison Cawthorn Is In Big Trouble Over Alleged Insider Crypto Trading And An Improper Relationship With A Staffer

Madison Cawthorn may have lost re-election, but he’s still got another seven months on the job. That means the eventually ex-Congressman can still get into loads of trouble. And he already has: According to The Hill, the already embattled representative is being investigated over damning allegations that may make his life even worse.

Less than a week after Cawthorn lost his primary to state senator Chuck Edwards, the House Ethics Committee announced they were looking into at least two claims: that he engaged in insider cryptocurrency trading and that he had an improper relationship with one of his staffers.

The first issue involves him promoting the notorious crypto called Let’s Go Brandon, named after the trend late last year in which Republicans used the words as code for “F*ck Joe Biden.” (One fan of the term, you may recall, actually said it to Joe and Jill Biden personally, during a Christmas Eve call about Santa.) Cawthorn failed to report that he had a stake in the company, though he did post a picture of him partying with the crypto’s founder on Instagram.

The second involves the man seen in one of the more risqué videos disseminated by the PAC dedicated to ousting Cawthorn from office. (Having succeeded, they’ve vowed to turn their attention to fellow Ultra MAGA lawmaker Lauren Boebert.) No, not the one where he’s naked in bed dry-humping another man. It’s the one where a different man is groping his crotch, which Cawthorn has claimed was a joke. That man is a distant cousin he’d hired as his scheduler. Along with the suggestive video, Cawthorn is also accused of showering him with gifts.

Cawthorn has maintained his innocence in both cases.

(Via The Hill)