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‘The View’ Cast Is Disgusted By ‘Creepy’ Ted Cruz’s Comments About Pete Davidson ‘Getting All These Hot Girls’

Ted Cruz, a United States senator, ranted on his podcast last week about how former-SNL cast member Pete Davidson is “getting all these hot girls,” including Kim Kardashian and Kate Beckinsale. “I mean, you’re talking Underworld, you’re talking, like, super hot vampire in black leather trench coat,” he said, adding, “But really? The SNL dude?” Yes, really, the SNL dude, and Emily Ratajkowski can explain why.

Anyway, Cruz sounding like a jealous 17-year-old incel caught the attention of The View, which played a clip from the podcast on Monday’s episode. “This gives me the heebie-jeebies. Can I just tell you? He’s so creepy and so disgusting,” co-host Ana Navarro said. “OK, so he might want to say, ‘How come that dude on SNL—’ I wanna know, how come that dude is a U.S. senator and is doing a podcast and spends so much time trolling on Twitter? Does he think he’s going to lead by being a social media influencer?”

Navarro and Whoopi Goldberg agreed that his comments are “disrespectful” to Cruz’s wife, Heidi (this would not be the first time), while Joy Behar added, “I don’t understand why he’s fantasizing about going to Cancun with Kate Beckinsale. At night, these fantasies of her in these leathers and all the S&M thing going on.” This mental image made Navarro want to “bleach my mind’s eye. I mean, I would like to erase that image.” Meanwhile, I would love to forget the way Cruz pronounces “Beckinsale.”

(Via Mediaite)