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‘The Boys’ Will Soon Take Aim At ‘Powerful White Dudes’ Who Whine About Being ‘Disenfranchised,’ Says Eric Kripke

The Boys recently released a Season 3 trailer that revealed how Homelander (Antony Starr) is trying hard to keep his sh*t together after coming close to rock bottom in the Season 2 finale. He ended up yanking his own chain far above the city, and you gotta wonder if his stuff murdered anyone due to gravity. Regardless of that possible collateral damage, Homelander is not well, and he’s got company in the form of Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), who newly arrives on the scene to parody Captain America.

Man, the white-dude Supes are badder than usual this time around. Even Chace Crawford wondered if he’d ever work again when he read what The Deep does during this season, and in a new Entertainment Weekly cover feature, Ackles and Jensen preview the impending Faux Cap mess. It sure sounds like there’s going to be some angry Red Pill guys/incels out there because Kripke is pulling no punches there:

“It’s Captain America on his a–,” says Ackles. “It’s as if Captain America gave up superheroism and was just your drunk and inappropriate uncle.” More than that, this super-soldier emits toxic masculinity like it’s exhaust — another concept at the forefront of season 3. “It’s mind-blowing how the most powerful white dudes in the world are the ones that are first to claim that they’re being victimized and disenfranchised and persecuted,” Kripke elaborates. “We’re trying to call attention to what bulls— that is.”

As if that wasn’t enough to tide viewers over, the Amazon show’s also swinging at Warner Bros.’ Justice League with the below parody trailer for the movie-inside-the-season, Dawn Of The Seven. The faux-synopsis reads, “When darkness descends on the world, and it seems all hope is lost, seven heroes will rise. Seven who will stand. Seven who will fight. Seven who will restore light and hope, and see the sun rise on a new era.” With Homelander calling out that “Nazi b*tch” as well, it sure sounds like they brought a way to bring Stormfront back. Oh boy.

The Boys returns to Amazon on June 3.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)