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Bob Odenkirk Spoiled The ‘Better Call Saul’ Midseason Finale Months Ago, But No One Noticed At The Time

[WARNING: spoilers for the Better Call Saul midseason finale to follow]

Last December, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk posted a photo of himself and Patrick Fabian, who plays Howard Hamlin, on his Twitter account. “Happy birthday pally!” it reads. It seemed like an innocuous birthday message at the time, but following the events of the Saul midseason finale, it’s taken on a whole new meaning. Based on Fabian’s disheveled appearance, including blood (!) in his uncharacteristically messy hair, the photo was clearly taken while they were filming “Plan and Execution,” in which Howard is shot and killed by Lalo Salamanca in Jimmy and Kim’s apartment.

Have a look:

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Fabian was asked whether anyone at AMC freaked out when Odenkirk posted the behind-the-scenes photo last year. “What photo? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said, laughing. “You know what? It didn’t really go anywhere. We just pretended there was nothing there, but I also had plenty of explanations for it as well. So I was glad it didn’t go any further than it did.” Later in the discussion, Fabian (who, it’s worth noting, was incredible in this episode) said that he’s “been so lucky to be a part of Better Call Saul, and I pinch myself every time I think about it.”

Saul viewers are also pinching themselves — for not noticing the spoiler until now.

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