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Bob Odenkirk Admits He ‘Screwed Up’ By Accidentally Spoiling ‘Better Call Saul”s Midseason Finale In December

Warning: The below post contains spoilers for the midseason finale of Better Call Saul.

Late last year, Bob Odenkirk posted what he thought was a nice, innocuous picture of himself and actor Patrick Fabian. He wished his colleague a happy birthday. It was supposed to be a nice gesture. But eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that what he wound up doing, albeit inadvertently, was tease a massive spoiler for the shocking midseason finale of Better Call Saul that just aired. Now Odenkirk is owning up to the breach.

In the episode, Fabian’s character, Howard Hamlin, is shot and killed by Lalo Salamanca in Jimmy and Kim’s apartment. It’s clear that the photo Odenkirk posted in December was taken while they were shooting the episode. Fabian looks disheveled, his hair messed-up. There’s even stray traces of blood. It’s not an obvious spoiler, but it’s not hard to intimate that something bad would happen to his character.

Odenkirk re-posted the photo after the episode aired, wishing his friend well-wishes once again. When someone asked the actor if he posted it “just to mess with us,” he replied that he did not. “Well the truth can be told. I screwed up,” he wrote back. “I did not know you could see a little bit of make up that told story… my bad.

Fabian himself also addressed the photo in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. When asked about it, he jokingly feigned ignorance, then acknowledged that luckily they didn’t give the game completely away. “You know what? It didn’t really go anywhere,” Fabian said. “We just pretended there was nothing there, but I also had plenty of explanations for it as well. So I was glad it didn’t go any further than it did.”

Let there be a lesson here: If you’re going to post a birthday message with a friend, make sure you’re not accidentally revealing that the character they play on a hit TV show has been offed.