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Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Defended Trump As The ‘Least Racist Person’ Ever Because He Took Photos With Michael Jackson And Snoop Dogg

In 2015, Donald Trump called himself “the least racist person you’ve ever met.” In 2018, in response to a report that he referred to Haiti and African nations as “sh*thole countries,” Trump said, “I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed.” In 2020, in a debate with Joe Biden, Trump… you can guess where this is going. The only people who have to defend themselves this hard against accusations of racism are, usually, racists, but Newsmax weirdo Greg Kelly thinks that’s obviously not the case with Trump.

“You may have heard him say, ‘I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet.’ And it’s true,” Kelly said on Monday night (via Mediaite). Many Republican candidates don’t “have much in the way of diversity in their background in terms of friends and associates until it’s time for the campaign,” he claimed, unlike Trump, who’s had “people, friends from all over the place.” His defense: a PowerPoint-level photo montage of Trump with Black icons, including Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Rosa Parks, and Snoop Dogg.

That’s right, Kelly is using the “some of my best friends are Black” defense. Here’s more:

“Michael Jackson, who, by the way, he still speaks fondly of. And the allegations against Michael Jackson, I believe, are fake. And well, is that Snoop Dogg?! Yes, it is Snoop Dogg. And of course, Oprah Winfrey. But everywhere Donald Trump went, ‘Do you condemn White supremacy? Do you condemn White nationalism?’ The question is insulting. It really is, as if we wouldn’t, as if we don’t. I don’t like the question.”

In related news, Kelly was caught deleting racially-charged tweets.

(Via Mediaite)