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A Hacker Edited Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Bio To Describe Him As Vaxxed And *Very* Inclusive, And People Are Having A Field Day

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s been busy as usual lately. He’s been theatrically backpedalling on “replacement theory,” claiming not to know what it is despite discussing it for quite some time. His pants are apparently now also on fire after catching wind of what former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron really thinks about him, and yup, he might be a little bit distracted. Too distracted, perhaps, to notice that his Twitter account’s bio may have been rewritten without his knowledge.

Has Tucker Carlson been hacked? Thor Benson, a writer for The Daily Beast and The Atlantic, asked this question while noticing that Tucker’s Twitter bio now claims that he’s “Fully Vaccinated” and identifies as binary while preferring the “They/Theirs” pronouns.

Now, Tucker has made it pretty clear that he’s not vaccinated against Covid and doesn’t intend to change that status. As for the pronouns, well, he’s either messing with people, or someone’s messing with they/theirs. But good for Tucker, maybe? Who knows, but as journalist Aaron Rupar pointed out, the “bio suddenly reflects inclusion and human empathy, therefore he must’ve been hacked.”

Heroes and capes comin’ at ya from the WUTangKids account.

From there, the jokes were almost too easy. “Tucker Carlson comes out as non-binary (2022)” is surely not happening, but people are sure having fun with this.

Of course, there will be naysayers. Newsmax correspondent Alex Salvi claims that Tucker’s bio’s been like this for a few weeks, although that still doesn’t explain the “why” of the situation.

Perhaps Tucker will weigh in tonight on the air. Oh boy.