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Is A ‘Happy Ending’ For ‘Better Call Saul’ Possible? An Ominous Teaser Wants You To Think So

[WARNING: do not read unless you’re caught up on Better Call Saul]

Have you recovered from the Better Call Saul midseason finale yet? Probably not! It’s OK. The sixth and final season doesn’t resume until July, so you have time to emotionally process the events of “Plan and Execution,” specifically the final moments, when Lalo breaks into Jimmy and Kim’s apartment and shoots poor Howard in the head.

It was not a happy ending for Howard (or anyone, with the possible exception of Irene), but there’s a happy ending to come. Maybe. Probably not. Following the midseason finale, AMC released a teaser for the final six episodes. “So, after all that,” Jimmy says in a voiceover as we look at black-and-white footage of the apartment. “A happy ending.” The context is unclear, but it’s probably a morbid joke from creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. There are few happy endings on Saul or Breaking Bad (except this one).

In a post-midseason finale interview with EW, Gould discussed Lalo’s decision to go to Jimmy and Kim’s apartment instead of the laundromat: “One of the questions that I hope people who are watching the show are asking is: “Wait, why did he go to Jimmy and Kim? What’s he up to? Is he just settling old scores because he can’t get to Gustavo Fring now? Or is there something else going on now?’ Answers will be forthcoming.”

Better Call Saul returns to AMC on July 11.