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The ‘Better Call Saul’ Midseason Finale Pulled Off A Feat Only Three ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes Accomplished

“Ozymandias” is the greatest episode of television of all-time.

That’s according to IMDb users, at least. The Rian Johnson-directed, Moira Walley-Beckett-written season five episode of Breaking Bad (which we were lucky enough to see being filmed) is the only episode of any show with a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on the online database. Other episodes have gotten close to matching it, however, including the midseason finale of Better Call Saul.

“Plan and Execution” has a sparkling 9.9 rating, putting it in the top 22. In fact, that 9.9 is a feat only three episodes of Breaking Bad pulled off: the aforementioned “Ozymandias,” season four’s “Face Off” (the title should be a clue for what happens in that episode), and season five’s “Felina,” one of four series finales in the top-25. The others: “Victory and Death” from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Re;” from Code Geass; and “Everyone’s Waiting” from Six Feet Under. (In case you were wondering, “Made in America” has a 9.3.) Now, you could argue that there’s recency bias to the 9.9 rating for “Plan and Execution,” and it could drop to a 9.8 or — god forbid — a 9.7. I would agree with you.

But also: it’s a really good episode of television (although I still prefer “Chicanery”).

Here are the highest-rated episodes of Better Call Saul:

1. “Plan and Execution” (9.9)
2. “Chicanery,” “Bagman,” “Bad Choice Road,” “Rock and Hard Place” (9.7)
3. “Winner” (9.5)

And the highest-rated episodes of Breaking Bad:

1. “Ozymandias” (10.0)
2. “Face Off” and “Felina” (9.9)
3. “To’hajiilee” (9.8)

The final season of Better Call Saul continues on July 11.