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Stephen A. Smith Celebrates The Anniversary Of His Famous ‘TAke a look, y’all’ Tweet

Stephen A. Smith’s media career has featured a little bit of everything. He does some TV, he does some radio, he will occasionally appear on his favorite soap opera, General Hospital. He’s appeared on TV shows and in movies as himself. In 2007, he played Allan in the Chris Rock film I Think I Love My Wife.

All of this is to say that Smith is as ubiquitous a media presence as we have right now. And like anyone, that presence expands to Twitter, where Smith will post stuff that serves as an extension of himself (or, more accurately, an extension of the stuff that he says on First Take and whatever other ESPN programming he will appear on in a given day).

One tweet sticks out among the rest, in large part because it’s just really weird. Smith, back in 2015, tried to post a picture but instead just copied the name of the file, with the caption “Take a look, y’all.”

Well, Thursday is the seventh anniversary of that post, and after Katie Nolan celebrated such a special day, Smith decided to quote tweet the original post and make clear that the message he was trying to convey has been lost to time.

In a way, it is more fun that no one knows what Smith was trying to post, and as such, we will forever be left wonder what, exactly, IMG_4346.jpeg was meant to be.