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The ‘Better Call Saul’ Co-Creator Explains Why Walter White Had A ‘Great Advantage’ Over Lalo As Gus’ Worthiest Opponent

If you’ve watched Breaking Bad, you know what happens to Gus Fring. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad and you’re reading a post about Better Call Saul, what are you doing, you fool? Watch Breaking Bad. It’s a holiday weekend. You have the time.

Among the countless parallels between the two series, one of the biggest is Gus Fring’s adversaries: Walter White on Breaking Bad and Lalo Salamanca on Saul.

Breaking Bad writer and Saul co-creator Peter Gould was asked by Variety whether Lalo is a “more worthy opponent” to Gus than Walt, or do we just see more of what’s cooking (no pun intended) for the Chicken Man on Saul. “Well, I think Walter White’s great advantage is that Gustavo Fring underestimates him. And I don’t think Gus can truly see what he’s dealing with in Walter White. The other side of it is that Gus always wants the best, and Walter White is the best. So he’s in kind of a pickle there,” he replied.

Meanwhile on Saul, Gus “understands what he’s dealing with much better with Lalo. But on the other hand, when Fring is dealing with Walt, we’re in the future, and Gus is a slightly different guy. He’s conquered a lot of enemies at that point.”

Gould is, to a degree, bipartisan when it comes to choosing Walt vs. Lalo, but it sounds like he’s leaning towards Walt being the more formidable opponent, which… yeah. But would Walt ever hang out in the sewer to get revenge? Nope, only the crawl space.

(Via Variety)